Sustainable Region

Sustainability consists of the three elements: People, Planet and Profit.

Taking this into consideration, the Logistics Valley offers perfect circumstances for growth   of your company. A short wrap up of how we secure those three P’s in the Logistics Valley:


Logistics Valley offers a high quality standard of living environment.

All facilities needed for a demanding and modern society are available, as well as nature and culture. The knowledge and education level of the Dutch people are high, supported by Universities of Nijmegen, Wageningen and other educational institutes.

Your company will see the benefits in the availability of well educated, healthy, motivated staff with a great environment to live and work in.


The awareness of sustainability in our region is a natural fact in our daily business.

Successful concepts such as solar power and wind energy have been implemented. On top of this, the Logistics Valley is miles ahead of other regions when it comes to electric, CNG and LNG mobility. To decrease road transport volumes, the Logistics Valley operates a number of inland barge and rail terminals. All these concepts support the region to maintain natural resources and improve the high quality of life.


The long term focus on both People and Planet, results in a favorable foundation for your companies profitabilaty.

We stimulate new ventures, networks, and techniques to improve your business.  You are invited to try our red carpet program to make sure that your next visit to Logistics Valley feels like coming home in The Netherlands.

It is our goal to support entrepreneurs in order to facilitate start-ups, improve current activities and achieve strategic targets. The Logistic Valley has the optimized combination of People, Planet and Profit.