The infrastructure in Logistics Valley provides you all elements for a reliable, efficient and sustainable European supply chain.

With our motorways, rivers and railway connections to the mainports and all major European markets you can be sure that all your logistic requirements will be met. The infrastructure is build up out of the following  (see map on this page):

  • Motorways A2, A12, A15, A50

  • Rivers Rhine, Maas en Waal

  • Inland container terminals

  • Logistic Hotspots

  • Betuwe railroad

  • International Airports

Logistics Valley is the alliance of three Logistic Hotspots in the heart of the Netherlands. Encouraged and supported by the government, the authorities and our regional partners we create a strong, sustainable region for European logistics. Each of the hotspots has its own individual character, supporting different types of industries, and together they form the Logistics Valley.