18 October 2016 by reneeb

European Consortium realizing 25 ultra fast chargers in 4 countries

Ultra-Fast-Charging along TEN-T core network corridors connecting the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria Charging time for 300 km reduced from 1.5 hours to 20 minutes Total investment volume of around 13 million Euro The Ultra-E project, co-financed by the “Connecting Europe... Continue reading →
01 February 2016 by reneeb

Food Giant Kraft Heinz Comes to East Netherlands

The US food giant Kraft Heinz is working with local partner Nabuurs Supply Chain Solutions in locating its European distribution center (EDC) in the Arnhem-Nijmegen region in East Netherlands. Kraft Heinz has made the decision to locate its distribution center closer to its factory in Elst, also in... Continue reading →
01 July 2014 by Anonymous

The Netherlands rank 3rd best in the world at English

The organisation tested 1.7 billion people from 54 non-English countries. Only the Swedish and the Danish had a better command of the English language, the study showed. The EPI also suggests that good English proficiency is linked to the economic prosperity of a country. “Our index shows that... Continue reading →
01 July 2014 by Anonymous

The Netherlands rank 5th most innovative country in the European Union

The Netherlands is now in 5th place, behind Sweden (1st), Germany (2nd), Denmark (3rd) and Finland (4th). The Netherlands continues to progress in the rankings, moving up to 5th place this year from 7th place in the ranking. The EU’s Innovation Union Scoreboard rates countries in terms of... Continue reading →
01 July 2014 by Anonymous

The Netherlands: Most attractive country in Western Europe to foreign companies

The costs are the lowest in the Netherlands, followed by the UK and France. Germany is the most expensive in Western Europe for start-ups. Globally, Japan appears to have increased its attraction for foreign companies considerably. “Because of the persistent low inflation and the sharp drop in... Continue reading →